• Start-Up Activity Assistance

  • Change & Project Management

  • Strategic Management Consulting

Assistance for Non-Profit Organizations

Capacity Building

Helping You Work Towards Your Mission

Wellington is committed to helping your organization improve its effectiveness. We will help guide you through the consideration of the incremental or the immediate, the obvious and the unconsidered. Our goal is to help you fully serve your constituencies and to make sure you meet all your intended outcomes.

Strategic Planning

Including Surveying, Research and Community Input

Wellington collaborates with your organization to design practical solutions to ensure you achieve your desired success. We utilize state-of-the-art, data-driven approaches to provide tangible feedback from your stakeholders and community on the correct strategic planning for your organization.

Fundraising & Resource Development

What is Your Sensible Revenue Model?

Major gifts, annual giving, planned giving, membership dues… all are important fundraising strategies that Wellington will help you consider and implement to place your organization on a firm path to sustainability.

Organizational Change Management & Reputation Management

Leading Change

Change is often necessary in the non-profit sector, but quick fixes rarely solve the underlying problem. Wellington will identify the necessary changes your organization should consider, and will work with you to develop a plan that communicates the need for change, and establishes the necessary support and urgency to initiate it.

Board Development Assistance & Relationship Building

Maximizing Board Effectiveness

Wellington will take the time to understand your organization's unique nature and assist with board member identification and training to maximize their effectiveness for you.


Team Training & Leadership Training

Every successful organization needs a skilled and knowledgeable professional team. Wellington provides a range of team and leadership training grounded in best practices but tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

John Dick
John Dick - CEO: CivicScience

Joe's understanding of the venture world and the start up marketplace could be critical to your organization. The only thing more remarkable than his entrepreneurial drive and tactical brilliance is his character

Pat Stewart
Pat Stewart - CEO: Innovu

I’ve worked with Joe for over 10 years and he has helped guide my businesses and my non profits to success with fund raising, keen strategy and creativity

Pat Stewart
Robert Capretto - PRESIDENT: Oak Hill Holdings

I have worked with multiple consultants and investors in technology since the late 80's and none better than Joe Kuklis in both strategy and securing third party funding for companies

Andrew Gottlieb
Andrew Gottlieb - Founder and CEO: No Typical Moments

Joe Kuklis is one of the entrepreneurs that I've modeled myself after since building No Typical Moments. His philosophy of aiding underserved markets, transparency in business transactions, and respect for his employees has stuck with me throughout the years. Joe is a man of his word and produces results time and time again

assistance for Businesses and Corporations

Project Management

Focus on People, Processes & Outcomes

Wellington can help your business through the full project management process of initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. We can also assist with personnel management, including C-Suite support, to ensure the correct people are in the correct places to maximize your outcomes.

Business Planning

Map Out Your Future

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is more than an oft-used phrase. It is also the key reason many businesses do not succeed. Wellington will help you develop an actionable business plan with relevant performance actions and milestones, including budget management and accountability.

Start-Up Assistance

Providing Structure

Wellington’s CEO and President, Joe Kuklis, has a rich history in working with start-ups. Through his guidance, Wellington can bring the necessary leadership, planning and training to a young organization, including C-Suite coaching. We can also help your business raise money through multiple funding streams and methods.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Moving Your Business Forward

Wellington can help established businesses in the strategic planning and execution of: marketing and branding strategies, for new or current products; sales planning and development; financial modeling and forecasting; fee structuring; business research and intelligence; and, new service offering development and sustainability.

Organizational Change Management & Reputation Management

Change is Hard

At Wellington, we understand it is often easy for a business to recognize the need for change, but managing, communicating and taking discernable steps to effect a change in a business culture is difficult. We can help you drive this process from the beginning – helping you identify the need for change; determining its measurability; communicating the plan to your employees; and, finally, helping you implement and effectuate the necessary changes – to the end.


Financing Your Business

As business wisdom dictates, "cash flow is King". The number one reason businesses fail is a lack of money. Wellington can help your business avoid that fate by leveraging our network to help you raise capital from the right sources for your needs, including banks, investment banks, angel investors and venture capitalists.

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About Us

Joseph V. Kuklis

Founder & CEO of Wellington Strategies, a Pittsburgh based firm offering its clients a variety of business and consulting services including assistance with start-up activities, operational needs, strategy & change management.

Joe founded and was President & CEO of GSP Consulting, a government affairs and consulting firm assisting companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes with public fund raising, public policy and government contracting needs. In 2012, Joe merged GSP into an international law firm to create a wholly owned subsidiary offering similar services to its clients around the country. Prior to establishing GSP, Joe was the Deputy State Director for US Senator Rick Santorum, acting as the Senator’s primary point of contact in PA for community & economic development groups, municipal & state leaders, and trade associations.

The Robin Hood of DC

In his new book, aptly entitled The Robin Hood of D.C., Kuklis leads readers through some of the highlights of his career thus far while deciphering the often confusing lobbying process in a clear-cut step-by-step guide. Do-it-your-selfers will get a first-hand glimpse at how navigating the ins and outs of the Washington political process takes connections, finesse and more than a little bit of persistence and patience.

View book on Amazon.com


Joe received a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh with a double major in Political Science and Western European Studies.


Start-Up Assistance90
Strategic Planning95
Board Development90
Change Management95
Reputation Management75

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